Frequently Asked Questions

MO Bacter applies essential nutrients to the lawn including an extra dose of potassium which moss can’t tolerate. The moss dies off as a result of potassium overdose while the strength of grass is improved. 
Within 3-4 weeks of application, under ideal conditions, the moss turns brown. A short time afterwards the dead moss will start to disappear as the beneficial bacteria in MO Bacter digests the dead material. 
The slow-release granules continue to feed the lawn for up to 100 days.

Apply MO Bacter at the rate of one handful (about 200 grams) per 2 sq metres.
Can be applied straight after cutting. 
A 10 Kg bag will cover approx. 100 square metres. 
A 20 Kg bag will cover approx. 200 square metres.

MO Bacter is best applied from early March through to September (once active growth starts, normally above 12 C°) for healthy grass and moss elimination.
MO Bacter can be used in early autumn as a moss control through winter.


MO Bacter works best when the soil temperature is 12 C°. The bacteria in MO Bacter needs this temperature to attack the moss. If there is no rain 48 hours after application, water the grass.

MO Bacter should be stored in cool, dry area, stored in the plastic bag, and secured at the top. MO Bacter can be used for up to 12 months after the bag has been opened. It will keep well if you ensure the bag is kept in a dry location.

Once MO Bacter has removed the moss, follow with an application of Recovery to invigorate the lawn and to fill in small bald patches. Apply approx. 10 weeks after the MO Bacter application.

General information:

  • MO Bacter is an organic-based, slow-release fertiliser which will feed your lawn for 100 days, destroys moss without turning it black and removes the need for raking out the dead moss.
  • MO Bacter is not a moss killer in the sense that it does not contain any chemicals. It destroys moss by secondary action. That is, the moss is overfed the potash in the fertiliser and because it has a low tolerance of salts it dies. When it dies it will not go black but turns a gentle brown which quickly disappears.
  • MO Bacter contains a very safe bacteria called Bacillus sp. which is found normally in the soil. This Bacillus eats dead Organic matter and converts it into plant food. Some of the dead moss will be removed during normal mowing the rest will fall back into the thatch layer where it is consumed by the Bacillus removing the need for raking out.
  • Most other moss killers rely on sulphate of iron to control moss. Sulphate of iron is a contact killer and does not destroy the entire plant where as MO Bacter destroys the moss plant completely.
  • MO Bacter stimulates fresh grass growth which will help to fill in the areas where moss has been removed.
  • As MO Bacter contains no harmful chemicals you can over seed about 4 weeks after applying it to fill in any bare patches. Remember to scratch up the soil before seeding and put a thin layer of soil over the top of the seed to help retain moisture. Try to keep birds away particularly in the Spring when they are busy feeding their young


Compound organic based NPK fertiliser with magnesium 5-2.2-16.6 (+1.8Mg)
5.0 % total nitrogen (N) of which
    – 3.5 % organic nitrogen derived from feather meal and cacao shells
    – 1.5 % ammonium nitrogen
2.2 % total phosphorus (P)
16.6 % total potassium oxide (K) soluble in water
1.8 % total magnesium (Mg)
40.0 % organic matter derived from feather meal and cacao shells
Contains beneficial bacteria (Bacillus subtilis sp): 106 exp 6 cfu/g
Contains animal by-products cat. II.

Safe for children and pets: subject to normal / correct use.
Viano and NAD cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the incorrect application of the product.