About Viano

Situated in the heart of Belgium, Viano supplies a wide variety of solid fertilisers (pellets, granules, crumbs, powders), soil improvers, lime products and related products.

Above all, it is a “green company” in many ways: waste management, thorough selection of raw materials, recyclable packaging, and solar energy to produce our premium organic eco-friendly fertilisers supporting a clean environment.

Viano solar

Green energy, CO2 neutral production

With more than 2,300 solar panels on the factory roof at headquarters, Viano is the biggest supplier of green energy to themselves!

The production of 665 KiloWatt of electricity per hour or the equivalent of 550 MegaWatt every year fulfils its own electricity needs for organic and organo-mineral fertilisers.

This investment of 2.7 million euros contributes to decreasing the CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.  By taking this initiative, we minimise our ecological footprint on the environment.